Horny & Single Pulling Tips

Here at Horny & Single, we want you to have a fun and enjoyable time on the site. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your membership.

1. Hedge Your Bets - Don’t limit yourself to one person at a time when there are many others waiting to hear from someone just like you.

2. Confidence - Single men and women are attracted to confident people. However, don’t confuse confidence with arrogance or you may blow your chances! This applies both to meeting face to face and pulling online. Confidence comes in different ways... its ok to be quietly confident as the other person will recognise and appreciate this.

3. Well Presented - No you don’t have to necessarily spend a fortune on new clothes but if you have made an effort it will not go un-noticed. Often, women are very observant and will quickly notice whether or not you have taken time to make a good first impression.

4. First Impressions / Photos - Take your time to get the right photo of yourself for online dating at Horny & Single. The photo should clearly show you and reflect who you are individually for the best results. Don’t copy what everyone else does, be creative and draw some attention.

5. Chat Up Lines - Spend time writing concise but detailed messages to everyone you contact. It is easy to spot when somebody has not taken the time to write you your own personal message but rather is copying and pasting the same message to multiple recipients. Don't be tempted by the shotgun approach.

6. Unique Selling Points - Realise that you are trying to sell yourself here. Are you an attractive package or will people quickly become lost in the monotony of what you have to say? What makes you different? What do you pride yourself on and what are you specifically looking for? Put down the details and wait for the right fishy to take the bait!

7. Playing Hard To Get - Nobody likes to 'give it up' immediately... allow for time to breathe before you bombard each other with questions and pressure to act upon anything. Don't hound people to pull them, show them you're interested and leave them to warm to the idea. Your patience may be rewarded!

8. This is the Horny And Single adult dating community - people will expect you to be honest and blunt about your desires and experiences so just tell it like it is and you will earn peoples respect faster. However, please try not to be rude or offensive to each other.

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